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Why I Struggle to Blog Consistently and How I’m Going To Change That!

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Blogging is something that I have absolutely grown to love over the recent months. I’m just having one small problem…I’m not consistent. Honestly it’s not a small problem, it’s a HUGE problem, especially when starting a business in which I’m getting little traffic. Which is unfortunate, because lydiaandlilac.com has so many amazing things! I realize […]

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The Reasons Why I’m Shopping Small this Christmas and Why You Should Too!

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I love shopping for others during the holidays. Giving gifts is a way to show someone else that you care for them. And yes, I will be dressing in my Christmas attire, heading out during the wee hours of the morning on Black Friday, and checking off a few of my boxes on my Christmas […]

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Perfect Holiday Dresses and the Reasons You’ll Love Them!

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I love dressing up! Yes, me! Who woulda thunk right? The holiday season is filled with family get togethers, parties, and other occasions that call for dressing your best. For this reason, I have put a list together of some gorgeous pieces here at lydiaandliac.com that will make you the best dressed guest, guaranteed! […]

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Why Boutique Shopping?

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I love to shop, this is obvious to anyone who knows me.  I like to shop at department stores, love going to outlet malls, enjoy shopping online, and I especially love to shop at boutiques.  Long before Lydia & Lilac was even a thought, I loved boutique shopping.  Why?  I mean it’s so simple to just […]

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Finding the Perfect Logo

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So you have heard the tale of how our lovely little boutique got started.  If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here.  However, you have yet to hear the story about finding the perfect logo. Back when we first decided that we would open a boutique, we of course started to think […]

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