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So you have heard the tale of how our lovely little boutique got started.  If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here.  However, you have yet to hear the story about finding the perfect logo.

Back when we first decided that we would open a boutique, we of course started to think about a name.  I wanted something with meaning, that would represent our boutique well, and that I would never tire of.  I had an ongoing list that included all sorts of combinations.  There was a day however, while shopping in Target ( I know this surprises you, the thought of me shopping of all things!), when it came to me…Lydia!  Lydia exemplified the qualities we wanted to represent in our boutique.  She was a strong business woman, sold the best of goods, and grew to love the Lord.  Feminine, strong, beautiful, perfect!

I had originally looked into Lydia’s Boutique, but that name was already taken.  I began to think of things I could pair it with.  Well Lydia was the seller of purple, but Lydia and Purple just didn’t sound right to me!  It was soon after that I began to think of other names of purple.  I remembered hearing my Grandma Gron tell me how much she loved lilac when I was a little girl, so there it was Lydia & Lilac!

Now we had this beautiful name, but no idea on how to make a logo.  I know I really wanted to incorporate lilacs, wanted it to look feminine, and wanted it to be unique.  The search began.  I looked into several options, but just could not afford a custom logo at this point in the game.  So I turned to the best creative website I know and began my search for logos on Etsy.

I knew that I was going to have to settle on a logo that was not a one of a kind, but that was ok with me.  It was a starting point and I was ok with it.  I began searching like crazy.  I found logos I liked, but the colors were wrong or I found the perfect colors and the wrong style logo.  I put “lilac logo” in the search bar for kicks, I mean there are a ton of lilac logos out there, right?  Of course not, but I wanted to at least see.  I was scrolling through several options when I saw it!  The perfect logo by Pixel & Peony!  I genuinely could not have asked for something more perfect!  As I clicked on the logo and began to read about it, I found out that this was a one of a kind!  Not another one like this we be sold.  At this point I was thrilled!

I made my purchase and contacted Pixel & Peony about the wording of the logo.  When I got the proofs, I was extacic!  She did a phenomenal job!

If you are looking for the perfect logo, I highly recommend Pixel & Peony.  Her work is gorgeous and costumer service is amazing.  The price was perfect and the turn around time was very short, so much quicker than I thought it may be.  She specializes in logos, flyers, and personal branding.  If you are looking for a logo for your blog or business, I highly recommend Pixel & Peony!  Check them out on Etsy today at

The post was not sponsored by Pixel & Peony.  We just loved our experience so much, that we wanted to share!  We are sure you will love them too! 

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